Monday, 15 June 2009


OK, Guys, Dolls, Ladies and various other slang terms, by way of adressing you 'readers'. I have a confession to make, from the deep dark of my real life as I sit and watch two worryingly overweight puppies chase a bluebottle around the kitchen. I don't have, like, a superhot photographer 'boyf' who's, like, sooo arty and awesome, and, like, makes me look fit in photos and shit. No, that's something I don't have. This is probably the reason I don't post photos of outfits (yes, I realise, early in the day, but it's not like this is my first blog or anything), and so in response to whatever enquiries have been directed at me, I will not be posting outfits until my Knight with Shining SLR rolls up in a really nice car. And let's be honest, kiddo, I dress well, I'm a fashion narcissist. They'll be GOOD. Hold onto your seats for my whirlwind summer romance. Anywhichwhat, onto the nub and gist of it;
Laura Rule; Art Director, Maverick and owner of damn good shoes, bigging it up in the LDN with John LIU, hairdresser, straight man, rumoured sexual legend. Hell she RULES, like scrunchies and crop tops ruled ten years ago. Thats right kids, crop tops do NOT 'rule' now. PERFECTION in the form of shoe photography by the man, the myth and the superhero, Todd Selby, Plagiarised with loving care and attention by a lowly shoeshine girl in naught but pained admiration and heartbreaking desire. Engross yourself, enjoy yourself... x Camilla. OH I told you my name, shocking horrifying revelation. NO it isn't the same name as her off Childhood Flames, there's like, a different VOWEL* at the end.
*Vowels; a, e, i, o, u. Cause you never know what people might not know.


  1. "Knight with Shining SLR"

    i died. you are so right bloggers are all about that . sometimes . i wont even lie i have mine already . bloggin would be super difficult without him

    great shoes and thanks for visitng myblog

  2. does someone love shoes?
    thanks for blog visit--yours is looking good! :)