Monday, 13 July 2009


Hola! After a week of lazily sunning myself poolside then partying it down in Spain, and a day or two to recover from my immense tiredness, I have returned to the arid desert that is my blog. I hope not all readers have cast their anchors and abandoned ship, as I have no more holidays planned... for now.
To the subject at hand, Spanish is undoubtedly one of the least style-orientated countries I have ever visited, but there were a fair few pairs of silk patterned hammer pants circulating the cities, perhaps the Mediterranean alternative to the oh so attractive British white linen trouser.
Just a re-introduction really, I would share holiday snaps but nobody needs to see me either in a bikini, nor jumping around in a drunken manner and dancing on tables, perhaps the only girls who bothered to don heels. No offence if you are a Stylish Spaniard, hats off to you for powering through the multitudes of fashion tragedies!
Some of my favourite sandals, Proenza Schouler, Balmain and Givenchy.
P.S. I need a new candidate for the Secret Life quiz. Email your answers to the questions posed in previous posts.

Friday, 3 July 2009

SECRET LIFE QUIZ: Nadia of We Were Damsels

The first guest answers are here, and I am jetting off to the oh so glamorous Majorca for a cheap, boozy holiday to celebrate the end of the tiresome and wearing boredom of College, exams, and certainties in my life.
These answers are of Nadia, one half of those incredibly coiffured and cheek-boned Damsels in something less than distress. If you haven't checked out their blog, you should definitely get over there and lose yourself in their incredible style and witty wording. And now for her response!
WHEN I WAS A CHILD I WANTED TO BE... really young ? an ice skater
MY GREATEST INSPIRATION... in life ? other people .
MY STYLE ICON...Charlotte Gainsbourg, Victoria Beckham . Amy Winehouse.
THE SHOP I CAN'T WALK PAST... Hmm any thrift store
A BOOK THAT CHANGED ME...Crime and Punishment and the hours also the short story THE WALL by Sartre
THE LAST ALBUM I BOUGHT... Bibio Ambivalence avenue
THE PERSON WHO REALLY MAKES ME LAUGH... my BF , My friend Cathy and Laritza
IT'S NOT FASHIONABLE BUT I LIKE... ripped tights and cigarettes
MY FAVOURITE ITEM OF CLOTHING... Don't have one , my shoes are my faves
MY FAVOURITE PAIR OF SHOES... no way can i ever choose
THE ITEM I WEAR AGAIN AND AGAIN... bleach jeans and my ck flannel shirt
YOU WOULDN'T KNOW IT BUT I'M GOOD AT... cleaning. astrology ?
ALL MY MONEY GOES ON... shoes , saving for my rebel
MOVIE HEAVEN... The Hours , Beautiful Mind , Rudo y Cursi
I WISH I'D NEVER WORN... anything from 12-15 yrs of age
MY LIFE IN SIX WORDS...high, low , depressing , interesting ,crazy ,and funny
See y'all in a week!